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18 Август 2010

Do you want to improve your erectile function?

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3 Do you want to improve your erectile function?

Elderly men who make less love and who are contented with results taking Viagra should surely proceed Viagra. Some men who
are not satisfied with results to Cialis may understand that Viagra is more preferable for them. In general, these 3 drugs
are good and the patients have to talk to their doctors about choosing certain drug that suits best for them and their
intimate lifestyle. III drugs recently and some others in different stages of clinical trials has not just expanded the
treatment options for ed, but in many ways has challenged new mess among patients and physicians. It escorts other
medications and vacuum therapy and it is easy to get why patients and potential patients have questions.

Starting treatment, medical treatment starts from these drugs. In certain conditions in which the males are healthy, young,
laboratory blood tests or such are normal one should seek the physical cause of their erectile dysfunction before treatment
prescription because the disease process can be more serious than its symptoms, i.e., the erectile disfunction itself. It may
happen that treatment of the primary disease can really resolve the sexual disfunction. Nevertheless, most men have other
physical causes for ed as written in their health history and lab tests, that makes PDE-5 inhibitors a first line of choice.
Selecting the necessary drug can be extremely difficult to do with no proper information on every drug and a thorough talk
about the sexual history of the patient and his partner.
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Let us talk about these three drugs cons and pros and the intimate conditions showing the purpose of one medicine over
another. The first and is probably the most famous of the three PDE-5 inhibitors Viagra was used to cure erectile
dysfunction. Many years had been spent on researches before getting open to the Americans. It acts right in approximately 70%
of all men with all types of ed, though around A FOURTH PART of them think that responses are not optimal.
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When initially doing the studies on Viagra, sexual function seemed to have improved greatly; however, all male patients in
the Viagra studies had ed, whereas other two drugs studies were connected with patients who had success with Viagra.
Drawbacks of Viagra take in decreased absorption because of meals. Empty stomach is required as absorption takes
approximately 30 minutes. The medicine takes about 1 hour for uttermost effect, but loses 50% of its maximum concentration
every four hours. Sexual stimulation is necessary to achieve erection. Of the 3 drugs, the maximal concentration for Viagra
appears to be the therapeutic concentration. Side effects take in stomach upset, strange ocular troubles including a bright
sight, a blue-green aura round the vision, soft headaches, face-reddening.
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