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22 Июль 2010

Declaration of the global nation Motherland.

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Declaration of the global nation Motherland.

The State of Planet “MotherLand” is a state in which all his citizens take the direct and direct participating in the realization of both the legislative and executive power the activity, or inactivity, accepting or not accepting participating in realization of his projects.
Организация гастролей, Стиляги – артисты на свадьбу. Организация Праздников И Концертов.
виртуальный выделенный сервер

Each of the citizens of the State land is right to create the projects and make them for realization all citizens. Nobody can compel the citizens of the State land to accept or not accept in certain projects. All citizens of the State land are a government.

ABILITY TO BE INCLUDED IN TAKING WITH OTHER STATES. State Motherland is a planetary , and therefore is not limited by any physical scopes to itself.

Without the military forces and rejecting any form of violence both obvious or hidden to all people living on the planet, the State land does not constitute a threat to any one of the While welcoming the free enterprise and healthy competition, the State Motherland aims to set the State amities with all the habitants of the planet, regardless of their beliefs on the basis of equal in rights exchange.

The main resource of the Planetary State Motherland is intellect of his citizens, the products of which can be exported to other states of the .

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